Dr.Neemat C.V

Dr. Neemat Mohamed Aly Kassem

Gender:           Female
Date of Birth:  1.12.1955

Place of Birth: Alexandria – Egypt

Address:          9 A Street 275 – New Maadi – Cairo Egypt

Phone No.:      +20 (0) 2 -25192299  

Mobile No.:     +20 -(0)127786830

E-mail:                        nkkassem@hotmail.com

 Languages:    Arabic – French – English – German



 May 1997:                   Doctoral Degree (M.D) of clinical & chemical Pathology (Immunology) – Cairo University, School of Medicine

June 1994:                   Doctoral Thesis titled:

Immunological pattern of some connective tissue diseases in Egyptian patients - Department of Clinical Pathology – Cairo University

May 1986:                   Master Degree (M.Sc.) in Clinical Pathology

December 1979:          M.B, B.ch – Cairo University School of Medicine

June 1973:                   High school certificate (Bac Français)
– Lycee la liberte d’ Alexandrie


 Present                        Consultant of Clinical Pathology (Immunology-haematology &molecular biology)  at Kasr El Aini              
                                     Oncology Department (NEMROCK) –Faculty of Medicine-Cairo univ.

                                      Medical Lab.director & head of quality unit.

1998 – 2005                Fellow at Cairo University Hospitals

 1989 – 1997                Full time Laboratory Physician at Cairo University Hospitals

 1981 – 1988               Researcher in VACSERA


Fellow ships:

 May 2000 – Aug. 2000:           Allergy Center (Allergie Ambulatorium) in Vienna – Austria

                                    For diagnosis & treatment of allergy

 July 1996 – Aug.1996: fellow at the Saint - Louis Hospital Paris, France (Laboratoire de cellules souches peripheriques – Centre de transfusion sanguine – Professeur Marc Benbunan) for peripheral stem cells transplantation

Oct. 1995- Nov.1995: Bernard Mitchell Hospital – Chicago – Illinois – U.S.A.

                                    Transplant Unit – (Prof. Stephanie Williams) with training course on blood cell separator in Baxter Healthcare Corporation (Biotech) – North America – IL.

Professional Skills:

                        Technical/ Clinical Diagnosis & Research :


  • Diagnosis of malignant diseases at hematological, immunological &  Molecular levels, mastering the following techniques:

-          Bone Marrow examination (Aspiration /Biopsy with pathological reporting)

-          Molecular biology techniques as PCR, FISH & Cytogenetic analysis

-          Flow cytometry for  Immunophenotyping  & DNA analysis.


  • Bone Marrow transplantation (or Peripheral Blood Stem ell technique)


  • Pilot trial for collection, processing & cryopreservation of cord blood derived stem cells
    (in  collaboration with scientist Andy Neal – Immune system bank – United Kingdom)
  • Isolation of mesenchymal stem cells from cord blood


  • Management of Medical laboratories & other Managerial Skills


  • Organization of international medical conferences



                        Academic / Teaching for Postgraduate Staff:


l  Immune System

l  Cytokines

l  Oncogenes

l  Immunomodulation

l  Tumor Vaccines

l  Bone marrow transplantation

l  Regenerative Medicine

l  Cancer Stem Cells


Awards received:



·         M. Mahfouz Research award for: Cord Blood Transplantation in pediatric malignant lymphoma – ASCO-pan Arab conference – December 1999

·         Award of NEMROCK 16th annual conference – December 2006

·         Award of Pan-Arab Cancer conference – April 2009

Recently accomplished training programs:

  • Quality training course (towards ISO 15189 accreditation in medical laboratory) NCI.
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) – CITI program Univ. of Southern California


  • Women’s Entrepreneur and Leadership Program (WEL) –
    American University in Cairo (AUC) / Univ. of Pennsylvania



Examples of Refereed Publications:

·         Isolation and characterization of multipotent postnatal stem/progenitor cells from human alveolar bone proper. J Craniomaxillofac Surg. 2012 Mar 13. [Epub ahead of print]

El-Sayed KM, Paris S, Becker S, Kassem N, Wiltfang J, Dörfer C


  • Novel mutations of the nucleophosmin (NPM-1) gene in Egyptian patients with acute myeloid leukemia: A pilot study. Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute (2011) 23, 73–78.

Neemat Kassem, Alaa Abel Hamid, Tarek Attia, Sherif Baathallah, Somaya Mahmoud, Eman Moemen, Ezzat Safwat, Mohamed Khalaf, Olfat Shaker


  • CK19 as a predictor of micrometastasis in breast cancer patients, Egyptian Journal of Laboratory Medicine, 2009
    Hamdy AbdelAzim, Elia Isaak, Enas Elsissy, Rania Khalifa, Azza Mohamed, Neemat Kassem
  • Circulating P53 antibodies in patients with colorectal carcinoma : relation to clinico-pathological features and tumor markers. Kasr ElAini Journal of Clin. Oncol. Nucl. Med. Vol.5.No.1-2, Jan-April 2009.47-51.

Ehsan ElGhoneimy, Magda Mostafa, Neemat Kassem, Tamer ElNahas, Daoud Habib & Heba Sedrak

·         Palliative fractionated radiotherapy for bone metastasis: Clinical& Biological assessment of single vs multiple fractions Journal of the Egyptian Nat.Cancer Inst. Vol.19,No.1,March2007. 21-27.

Ezzat Safwat ,Tamer ElNahas, Hassan Metwally, Rasha Abdel Motagally, Neemat Kassem.


  • Cancer Stem Cells: from Identification to Eradication (review article), Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute – Vol. 20, No. 3 September 2008
    Neemat Kassem
  • Assessment of Erythropoiesis in renal anemia  using  soluble transferrin receptor, Medical Journal of Cairo University – Vol. 71, No. 3 September 2003
    Bahia Mostafa, Mona Farid, Hoda Abdel Ghany, Neemat Kassem
  • Placental Expression & Serum Concentrations of Cytokeratin 19 in Pre-eclampsia - Medical Journal of Cairo University – Vol.70 No. 2 – June 2002
    Amina EL Shakankiry, Ola Khashaba, Amany A. Shaltout, Neemat Kassem, Khaled Abdelhady, Omaiama Ezzat
  • Predictors of Prognostic outcome in patients with Psoriatic ArthritisEgyptian Dermatologists Journal , Vol. 24, No.1 - 2002
    Imman M. Metwally, Somaya A. Hussein, Ola El Diwany, Neemat Kassem
  • Serum squamous cell carcinoma antigen as a marker of disease activity in Psoriasis – Journal of pan Arab league of Dermatologists – Vol.11,  No. 1 – Feb. 2000, Manal Bosseila, Amina El Shakankiry, Neemat Kassem, Wafaa El Metenawy 


Published abstracts in European Haematology Association (EHA) abstract book:

- A descriptive study of flow cytometric analysis of 151 acute leukaemia patients : a single institute experience in Egypt

A. Wahed , N. Kassem et al; Ab.no.1425 – 2009

-Hepatitis C infection & NHL in 37 egyptian patients : a single institute experience

N. Kassem ,E. Hamada et al; Ab.no.1714 – 2009.

-CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein Alpha (CEBPA) expression in t(15;17) acute promyelocytic leukaemia

N.Kassem, R.Khalifa, H.Zawam Ab.no.1126- 2011.

-Effect of 13q deletion on IL-6 production in patients with multiple myeloma

N. Kassem, H. Azim, R. Khalifa, T. Mohamed, Ab.no.1300- 2011.

Conducted Researches (Publications currently in progress):

·         Isolation of haematopoietic (CD34+) & mesenchymal(CD34-) stem cells from umbilical cord blood – 2007/2008

·         Epidemiological study of multiple myeloma in Egyptian patients -  2006 till present

·         Relationship between HCV & Lymphoma in Egypt – 2008

·         The utility of CD38 & ZAP-70 as prognostic factors in CLL -2010

Refereed Conference Presentations:

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Diagnosis and Prognosis: A Descriptive Analysis for 41 Patients 20th Congress of International Society of Hematology (ISH), Cairo – October 2009
  • Epidemiology of Plasma Cell Dyscrasias in Egyptian Patients 20th Congress of International Society of Hematology (ISH), Cairo – October 2009
  • Cancer Stem CellsAin Shams University conference – February 2009
  • Cancer Stem CellsSuez Canal University conference – November 2008
  • Cord Blood BankingSuez Canal University conference – 2006
  • Tumor Vaccines in Breast Cancer Suez Canal University conference - 2001 
  • Ex – Vivo Expansion of Peripheral blood progenitor cells,

7th annual conference (Cancer and the laboratory) of the Egyptian society of

Laboratory Medicine - 1996

  • Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation in Cancer patients

1st annual conference of clinical Oncology department and nuclear medicine – Alexandria University, under the title of Multimodality approach in cancer treatment - 1996

Examples of articles in which I acted as a referee:


  • Establishment of National Cord Blood bank in Egypt, referred by the Egyptian STDF Science & Technology Development Fund  - 2008


Theses Supervision:


  • Isolation of leukaemic stem cells in AML -2011
  • CEBPA  gene expression in AML- 2010
  • Nucleophosmin in acute myeloid  leukaemias  – 2008
  • IL-6&CRP levels in periodontitis as predisposing factor for CVDs-2008
  • Neutrophil Labeling by Tc – 99 for early detection of Osteomyelitis - 2007
  • Cord Blood Collection and Cryopresservation – 2006
  • Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Childhood ALL – 2006
  • Cytokeratin 19 for detection of Micrometastasis in Cancer Breast patients – 2005
  • Osteocalcin level in Cirrhotic liver diseases -2003
  • P53 level in Egyptian colorectal cancer patients-2002
  • Early complications of autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

(Kasr El Aini experience) - 1999


 Organized Workshops:

l  Cellular Therapy – Laboratory Medicine Conference 30 – 31. March.2009

l  Harmonization in breast cancer management – Mediconex conference - March 2008

l  Stem Cells Identification & Applications - 2007

l  Tumor Vaccines – in collaboration with Karadeniz Teknik Univ. Trabzon – Turkey – December 2006



Participation in International and Local Conferences:

·      EHA ( European Haematology Association) Conf. , London –UK- June 2011.


l  EHA –  Berlin – Germany - June 2009.

  • EHA -  Copenhagen – Denmark-  June 2008
  • Stem Cells conferences 2007 – 2008, Hurghada - Egypt
  • Ensemble Contre le Cancer – 2007, Morocco
  • International Conference on Harmonization / Good Clinical Practice – November 2007,  North Africa
  • Cancer research (Duke Univ. & King Hussein Cancer Institute), September 2007, Amman - Jordan
  • Pan Arab Medical Association against cancer - June 2007, Amman - Jordan
  • First Middle East MACS Symposium – September 2005, Amman - Jordan
  • Women’s Cancer, May 2004, Alexandria – Egypt
  •  Hospital management, June 2003, Cairo - Egypt
  • New frontiers in cancer management – NEMROCK in collaboration with Harvard University - March 2000, Cairo - Egypt
  • ASCO – Pan Arab Conference on malignant Lymphoma and evolving role of stem cell transplantation, November 1999, Cairo - Egypt
  • International conference for Biotechnology – October 1998, Cairo - Egypt



·         Pan Arab Cancer group (Jordan)

·         Egyptian Cancer Society

·         Franco – Egyptian Oncology Society

·         American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

·         Egyptian Society of Immunology

·         Egyptian Society of Allergy

·         Egyptian Society of Stem Cells and its applications

·         Egyptian Hemato-Oncology Group (EHOG)



Community Service:


            Member & honorary secretary of Rotary Club – Giza, Egypt – District 2450






Prof. Dr. Hamdi Abdel Azim

            Professor of Clinical Oncology – Cairo University

            Mobile: 01222102233
                        Address:  Borg el Atebaa , Abdel Moneim Riad Str. - Mohandessin

Prof. Dr. Nawal Afifi

            Professor of Clinical & Chemical Pathology – Cairo University

            Mobile: 01223980158

            Address: 13 Str. Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz – Mohandessin 


Prof. Dr. Ali Shams EL Din

            Professor of Clinical & Chemical Pathology – Cairo University

            Ex- Head of  Clinical Pathology Department

Mobile: 01222376826

Address: 10 Gamet EL Dewal El Arabia – Mohandessin


Prof. Dr. Mervat El Ansary

Professor of Clinical and Chemical Pathology – Cairo University

Mobile: 01222111551

Address: 75, st. #9 – Maadi


Prof.Dr.Farha El chennawi

Professor of Clinical Immunology – Mansoura University

Former dean of Mansoura Faulty of Medicine

Mobile: 01223180115 .