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Code of Ethics

Our center provides patients care in cancer treatment, there is always tension, then a code of basic moral principles to bound patient and staff in the different task in dealing with cancer is present.
Our principles are:

  1. Our primary concern is respect the value and dignity of life.
  2. Curing disease, reducing suffering and achieving acceptable quality of life are our primary goals.
  3. It is our responsibility to offer support of our patients and their families with information the need to make decisions.
  4. Patients' information are confidential, needs patients' consent to be given to other parties.
  5. Prevention through public education, clinical preventive service and research for people who come to us for preventive services "patients' relatives" .
  6. NEMROCK is committed to education of our colleagues by sharing skills and ethical values to students "under and postgraduates" coming to NEMROCK.
  7. Clinical and basic research are basic in our patients' care development.
  8. There is moral obligation from each one who serve in NEMROCK to our patients.
  9. Treatment discontinuation option for advanced diseases should be revised by committee including patient and his family.
  10. Cancer treatment, prevention and research are expensive, but financial consideration should not be the sole consideration in our patients' cases.