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Nuclear Medicine:
Nuclear medicine department is formed of a group of physicians ,Physicists ,technologists & nurses.It has three gamma cameras doing all the routine investigations needed for the oncological and non-oncological department allover the Cairo University hospitals.Examples as bone scan,myocardial imaging,renal imaging& others.
Also, therapy service is given,mostly RA I131 for toxic and thyroid cancer patients.
international journals are offered by the staff members of the unit in multiple international journals and conferences as Neuro-oncology journals(IF 3.2),Clinical Rheumatology (IF2).NMC journal (IF 1.4) and conferences as EANM and SNM.(European & American socities of Nuclear Medicine) meetings.
Future development
PET CT & SPECT are now in the planning phase to be in the clinical and service setting by 2014-2015.